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Spinal cord stimulators

Spinal stimuli are very effective for patients who have suffered spinal cord injuries due to war, accident, sports injuries, etc., and who have pain-resistant lower limb pain. The use of spinal stimuli used in Rad Pain Clinic is very helpful in controlling the pain of these patients.

Nerve blocks

It is very helpful in various diseases such as shingles, chest pain after open heart surgery, sympathetic nerve involvement, piriformis muscle involvement, and the use of fluoroscopic or ultrasound-guided nerve blocks.
تزریق داخل مفصل شانه و زانو در کلینیک درد راد

Shoulder and knee joint injection

Injuries to the shoulder muscles that cause the muscles to rupture limit the movement of the joints, called the frozen shoulder. In people who are unable to have surgery or are not satisfied with surgery, the use of shoulder joint injections is helpful in reducing the limitation of joint activity.

Lumbar and neck epidural injections

Patients with lumbar or cervical discs who have not responded to routine treatment can be treated with this method. In this procedure, the patient is guided by imaging in the space behind the disc and the injection is performed. In some patients, this procedure may need to be repeated to control pain.

Disc endoscopy

Disc endoscopy is performed for patients with moderate to severe disc herniation, fast joint arthropathy, sciatica, and spinal stenosis who do not respond positively to initial treatment.
بلوک مفاصل فاست کمری در کلینیک درد راد

Lumbar fast lumbar joints

If someone has neck pain or back pain, and their doctor suspects that the problem is with a fast joint, he or she may suggest a fast lumbar joint block method. Fast injections help determine the source of the pain and will temporarily reduce or relieve your pain if the pain is from the joints.
انجام پمپ‌های اینتراتکال نخاعی در کلینیک درد راد

Intrathecal spinal pumps

Spinal pumps are commonly used for people with conditions such as lower limb pain, lower limb spasm, amputation, or cancer patients for whom pain control is not possible.
درمان سردردهای مقاوم به درمان در کلینیک درد راد

Resistant headaches

In patients with headache, complete studies and drug treatment have been started, but the appropriate response to treatment has not been given in these patients. The use of nerve blocks can be effective in controlling pain.
کنترل دردهای سرطانی در کلینیک درد راد

Methods of controlling cancer pain

In people with cancer, methods can be used to reduce or eliminate the pain of cancer so that they can return to a normal, pain-free life.
تزریق دیسکوژل گردن و کمر در کلینیک درد راد

Neck and waist discogels

Neck and lumbar disc herniation is actually the only method that involves not only removing the disc herniation but filling the affected area and turning it into a permanent implant.
دستگاه لیزر پرتوان در کلینیک درد راد

High Intensity Laser

The use of high power laser is useful in the treatment of many diseases, especially injuries of the skeletal system. Many diseases, especially diseases of the musculoskeletal system such as low back pain and joint pain, can be treated with a powerful laser.
درمان مشکلات کمر و ستون فقرات به روش لیزر دیسک کمر در کلینیک درد راد

Lumbar disc laser

Lumbar disc surgery is one of the non-invasive methods for relieving the pain caused by lumbar disc herniation. Laser lumbar disc surgery without anesthesia is a convenient procedure for people who cannot have open surgery.
درمان درد عصب سه قلو در کلینیک درد راد

Trigeminal neuralgia

Trigeminal nerve pain is a sharp, shooting pain or similar to an electric shock that is felt in any area between the face and between the jaw and forehead, including inside the mouth; However, trigeminal nerve pain is worthfully limited to one side of the face.
درمان با استفاده از سلول‌های بنیادی در کلینیک درد راد تهران

Use of stem cells

The stem cell is the mother of all cells and has the ability to become all the cells in the body. These cells have the ability to self-renew and differentiate into a variety of cells, including blood, heart, nerve, and cartilage cells.
گرفتن نوار عصب و عضله در کلینیک درد راد


Your doctor will usually order a nerve and muscle test when a person shows signs of a muscle or nerve disorder. These symptoms include itching, numbness, or unexplained weakness in the limbs.
جراحی مغز و اعصاب در کلینیک درد راد


Neurosurgery is a medical discipline that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of disorders that affect any part of the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and extracranial cerebrovascular system.
درمان دردهای با روش طب سوزنی در کلینیک درد راد


طب سوزنی طب سوزنی طب سوزنی طب سوزنی طب سوزنی طب سوزنی طب سوزنی طب سوزنی طب سوزنی طب سوزنی طب سوزنی طب سوزنی طب سوزنی طب سوزنی
طب ورزشی یا ورزش درمانی در کلینیک درد راد

Sports medicine

طب ورزشی طب ورزشی طب ورزشی طب ورزشی طب ورزشی طب ورزشی طب ورزشی طب ورزشی طب ورزشی طب ورزشی طب ورزشی طب ورزشی طب ورزشی طب ورزشی

We are happy to be able to give you a chance to have a pain-free life.

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Dr. Siamak Moradi

Dr. Parisa Yuseffam

دکتر روح اله نوریان متخصص طب ورزشی در کلینیک درد راد

Dr. Rohollah Nourian

دکتر محمد حسین دلشاد فوق تخصص دردر و متخصص بیهوشی در کلینیک درد راد در تهران

Dr. MohammadHossein Delshad

Dr. Hamidreza Samei

دکتر مسعود هاشمی فوق تخصص درد در کلینیک درد راد

Dr. Masoud Hashemi

دکتر اکرام مرتضوی متخصص بیهوشی در کلینیک درد راد

Dr. Ekram Mortazavi

Dr. Masuod Saghafinia

پس زمینه سلولی سایت کلینیک درد راد

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Dr. Siamak Moradi in the morning, Dr. Hamidreza Samiei in the evening

Dr. Masoud Hashemi in the morning, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Delshad in the evening

Dr. Hamidreza Samiei in the morning, Dr. Masoud Saghafinia in the evening

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Delshad in the morning, Dr. Masoud Hashemi in the evening
Dr. Masoud Saghafinia in the morning, Dr. Siamak Moradi in the evening

Service Recipient Says

I am an athlete and I had a problem with my back during exercise, the specialists of Dard Rad Clinic really helped me a lot and the problem was solved and now I am back to my exercise.

Mr. 25 years old From Tehran
نظر مراجعه کننده به کلینیک درد راد

I had a problem with trigeminal neuralgia, and the problem was really resolved in the correct diagnosis of a correct treatment, thank you so much for saving me from that pain.

A 50-year-old woman From Karaj
نظر مراجعه کننده به کلینیک درد راد

I had been suffering from cancer for a long time and I really did not know what to do. I invite you every day, thank you for your help

60 years old man From Qazvin
نظر مراجعه کننده به کلینیک درد راد