Rad Pain Clinic Departments and Pictures

بخش انتظار بیمار کلینیک درد راد

Waiting room

A large hall with relaxing decoration that patients can wait until their turn to visit.
بخش ویزیت بیمار کلینیک درد راد

Patient visit

We receive, examine and treat patients every day at Rad Rad Clinic, and our colleagues in various fields are ready to serve patients in the morning and evening.
بخش روانشناسی کلینیک درد راد


Due to the fact that some of the pains are of psychosomatic origin and require psychological examinations, our psychological colleagues are also ready to provide services in Rad Pain Clinic.
بخش طب ورزشی کلینیک درد راد

Sports medicine

Patients who suffer from pain in their musculoskeletal area can use the services provided by our sports medicine colleagues by visiting the sports medicine department of this center.
بخش مغز و اعصاب کلینیک درد راد


The neurologists at Rad Pain Clinic are ready to provide services to the patients of this center.
بخش جراحی کلینیک درد راد

Surgery room

Rad Pain Clinic is equipped with an advanced operating room with up-to-date imaging devices and we can perform various surgeries and procedures in the field of pain control.
بخش نوار عصب و عضله کلینیک درد راد

Nerve and muscle tape

In Rad Pian Clinic, despite the nerve and muscle tape device, it is possible to provide these services to patients and patients referred to this center.
بخش لیزر پرتوان کلینیک درد راد

Powerful laser

Rad Pain Clinic is equipped with a powerful laser device that can help control the pain of patients in this center, which increases blood circulation and oxygenation to damaged tissues in different parts of the body.
بخش تزریق مفاصل شانه و زانو کلینیک درد راد

Knee and shoulder injections

Patients with osteoarthritis of the knee or shoulder joint or with tears in the muscles and ligaments of the shoulder area can be examined at the Rad Pain Clinic under imaging devices and if the joints need to be injected with the help of ultrasound or fluoroscopy to control The pain of these patients.

We are ready to provide services to you in a fully equipped environment.

Meet our specialist

Specialized and experienced doctors in Rad Pain Clinic have gathered for you dear clients so that we can provide the best services to you dear ones.

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Rad Pain Clinic Doctors attendance time:

Dr. Siamak Moradi in the morning, Dr. Hamidreza Samiei in the evening

Dr. Masoud Hashemi in the morning, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Delshad in the evening

Dr. Hamidreza Samiei in the morning, Dr. Masoud Saghafinia in the evening

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Delshad in the morning, Dr. Masoud Hashemi in the evening
Dr. Masoud Saghafinia in the morning, Dr. Siamak Moradi in the evening

Service Recipient Says

I am an athlete and I had a problem with my back during exercise, the specialists of Dard Rad Clinic really helped me a lot and the problem was solved and now I am back to my exercise.

Mr. 25 years old From Tehran
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I had a problem with trigeminal neuralgia, and the problem was really resolved in the correct diagnosis of a correct treatment, thank you so much for saving me from that pain.

A 50-year-old woman From Karaj
Client Image

I had been suffering from cancer for a long time and I really did not know what to do. I invite you every day, thank you for your help

60 years old man From Qazvin
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