Personal Information
Dr Name Dr. Masuod Saghafinia
Main specialty
Work Experience 15+ Years
Documents and Certificates
Degree of education Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tehran
Membership Faculty member and associate professor of the university
Membership Member of the editorial board and reviewer of medical journals
Book Author of 5 volumes of books in the field of medicine
Article Contains more than one hundred articles in international and national indexes
Seminar Secretary and organizer of more than 50 seminars and conferences
Course Postgraduate medical course at the University of Norway

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Personal biography

Dr. Masoud Saghafnia is a specialist in palliative medicine and low back pain. He was born in 1345 in Tehran and graduated from Alavi High School in Tehran and entered the Medical School of the University of Tehran in 1985.

امضا سایت کلینیک درد راد

Doctors' achievements

The doctors working in Rad Pain Clinic are among the most experienced and experienced doctors in the country, each of whom has excellent degrees from the most prestigious international institutions.

Service Recipient Says

I am an athlete and I had a problem with my back during exercise, the specialists of Dard Rad Clinic really helped me a lot and the problem was solved and now I am back to my exercise.

Mr. 25 years old From Tehran
نظر مراجعه کننده به کلینیک درد راد

I had a problem with trigeminal neuralgia, and the problem was really resolved in the correct diagnosis of a correct treatment, thank you so much for saving me from that pain.

A 50-year-old woman From Karaj
نظر مراجعه کننده به کلینیک درد راد

I had been suffering from cancer for a long time and I really did not know what to do. I invite you every day, thank you for your help

60 years old man From Qazvin
نظر مراجعه کننده به کلینیک درد راد