Rad pain clinic

Rad Pain Clinic is ready to provide all patients with pain-related services. This center is equipped with the most advanced equipment, including high-intensity laser, the latest medical imaging devices, anesthesia machines, and all the equipment needed to perform non-invasive surgeries. Also, the center has operating rooms for outpatient surgeries. The services provided at the Rad Pain Clinic are based on the latest scientific criteria.

We serve our clients and patients every day, from 9 Am to 9 Pm.


Rad Pain Clinic Services


Cancer Pain Treatment

Expert team

دکتر مرادی

Dr. Siamak Moradi

Pain Specialist

دکتر ثقفی نیا

Dr. Masoud Saghafi Nia

Pain Specialist and Palliative Care

دکتر مرتضوی

Dr. Ekram Mortazavi


Dr. Seyed Masoud Hashemi

Pain Specialist

لوگو راد


تزریق زانو
دیسک کمر
گردن درد
دردهای سرطانی
شانه درد