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کلینیک درد راد توسط پزشکان و متخصصانی که در زمینه مدیریت درد توانایی و مهارت بالایی دارند، ایجاد شده و اداره می‌شود. خدماتی از جمله لیزر تراپی، اوزن تراپی، درمان دردهای سرطانی، درمان سردردهای مزمن و حاد، درمان آرتروز مفاصل، جراحی بسته دیسک کمر و گردن، تزریق سلول‌های بنیادی و رادیوفرکوئنسی، بسته به مشکل ایجاد شده هر فرد در کلینیک درد راد انجام می‌گیرد.
Injection into the knee joints

Injection into the knee joints

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Osteoarthritis is a joint degenerative disease that commonly affects the knee.
Osteoarthritis is a common chronic disease in people over the age of 50, which begins with the destruction of the articular cartilage that is cushioned between the bones.
The bones are eroded, causing pain, dryness, and swelling of the knees. Patients who do not respond to drug therapy and physiotherapy are advised to have an intra-articular injection before surgery.

1- Hyaluronic acid

It is commonly referred to as gel injections, added to natural inter-articular material, and causing slippage of the articular surface.
The hyaluronic injection is given as a single dose. It is also done up to five times a week depending on the type of product.
Side effects of this type of injection include bleeding, itching, skin rash, headache, muscle aches, etc., which are usually transient and should be consulted by a physician if they occur.

2- Corticosteroid injection

In this method, the corticosteroid is injected directly into the knee to relieve pain and inflammation. Its effect is naturally greater than oral and systemic intake, and also more than its side effects.
The effect can begin immediately or with a delay in several weeks.
Complications of this type of injection can be osteonecrosis (adjacent bone necrosis), temporary exacerbation of pain, and for diabetic patients with a temporary rise in blood sugar.

3- Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

It is more commonly used in chronic tendon injuries but is also injected in knee osteoarthritis.
This procedure uses a regenerative and growth-promoting property of the blood platelet that took from the patient’s condensed blood.
Complications include infection and weakness of the adjacent muscle.

مطالعه کنید

4- Ozone

The ozone-containing oxygen supplement can regenerate and regenerate cartilage and reduce inflammation and pain.
An unstable compound that begins as soon as it enters the oxidizing joint.
Complications of this injection include infections in people with favism or tenderness, severe allergic reactions, and adjacent muscle fascia.

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