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کلینیک درد راد توسط پزشکان و متخصصانی که در زمینه مدیریت درد توانایی و مهارت بالایی دارند، ایجاد شده و اداره می‌شود. خدماتی از جمله لیزر تراپی، اوزن تراپی، درمان دردهای سرطانی، درمان سردردهای مزمن و حاد، درمان آرتروز مفاصل، جراحی بسته دیسک کمر و گردن، تزریق سلول‌های بنیادی و رادیوفرکوئنسی، بسته به مشکل ایجاد شده هر فرد در کلینیک درد راد انجام می‌گیرد.
High Power Laser

High Power Laser

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The laser is a device that emits light in the form of parallel rays. Infrared electromagnetic energy enters the body in the form of photons and has an anti-inflammatory effect. The laser on the lumbar disc prevents the transmission of pain messages to the brain. It also activates the pain relief mechanism and increases the secretion of endorphins and enkephalins.
The laser accelerates the process of tissue repair, cell growth, and faster wound healing.
High Power Lasers are effective in some diseases, including;
• Arthritis elbow heel of tennis players
• Golfers elbows
• Tendon rupture
• Temporomandibular joint disorders
• knee patella wear
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Sciatica back pain
• Nerve damage after surgery

The use of this treatment is very effective. It can be especially helpful in fibromyalgia, which has no successful treatment.
High Power laser is also very effective in patients with diabetic neuropathy.
The use of this type of laser is not recommended for pregnant women and people with tumors.
When working with this laser, it is necessary to use special glasses.
At Rad Pain Clinic, we are proud to use this advanced device to treat your pain.

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Rad Pain Clinic has been created by doctors and specialists who have high ability and skills in the field of pain management. This medical center is run by a specialized team with extensive capabilities for diagnosing chronic pain.
Services such as laser therapy, ozone therapy, treatment of cancer pain, treatment of chronic and acute headaches, treatment of osteoarthritis, closed lumbar and neck disc surgery, stem cell injection and radiofrequency, depending on the problem caused by each person in the pain clinic.

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